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Tana LaRue Candles 6 oz.

Tana LaRue Candles 6 oz.

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Amazing candles made by an amazing young lady! There are many scents to choose from. These are 6oz. candles. Check our website for other sizes. She is adding new scents all the time. There are even some for the guys! But they are more than just candles. You will be helping homeless animals.


Someone dumped a litter of puppies in an alley one very cold night. Luckily, for those tiny little babies, Jessica was the one that found them and saved them from the freezing temperatures. She was lucky enough to find homes for them but there was one that just grabbed her heart from the moment she saw her. That lucky little baby was then named Tana LaRue. She became such an important part of her family’s life and was like a child to Jessica. They had many sweet and fulfilling years together. Sadly, in November 2018 Ms Tana LaRue had a medical emergency and passed away. Jessica was devastated. Needing something to occupy her free time. Jessica decided she wanted to do something to honor the life of that sweet puppy that had brought so much love and happiness to her life. So to help other homeless animals that haven’t been lucky enough to find their Jessica yet, a bag of dog food, toys and/or blankets are being donated to local animal shelters for each 20 candles sold. Please help Jessica and the homeless animals. 

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